Service-Learning Mini-grants Available - Up to $1000

With support from the Institute for Teaching and Learning, service-learning mini-grants are available to faculty for incorporating service-learning into coursework.  Projects must involve students and an active community partner or partners.

The grant application includes more information.

Previously funded Projects for Spring 2011 and Fall 2010.


Mini-grants, Spring 2011

Dr. Carolyn Behrman

                College: Arts and Sciences                   Discipline: Anthropology

Project: Examined food insecurity and children’s food behaviors.

Dr. Karen Fitzgerald and Dr. Sheau-Huey Chiu

                College: Nursing                   Discipline: Nursing

Project: Promoted social-emotional growth in preschoolers.

Jennifer Hebert , Elizabeth Rhoades, Lauren Garcia-DuPlain

                College: Arts and Sciences                   Discipline: English

Project: Explored needs of local nonprofits. Created written materials to promote organizations.

Michelle Byrne

                College: Summit College                   Discipline: English, Associate Studies

Project: Re-packaged bulk food at food bank.  Wrote about local food needs and distribution issues.

Dr. Sandra Hudak

                College: Health Science                    Discipline: Nutrition

Project: Creating cooking notebooks with nutritional information  for special needs population.

Bridget Ludwa

                College: University College                   Discipline: Student Success Seminar:(Veterans)

Project: Philanthropy

Mini-grants, Fall 2010

Dr. Kevin Concannon     

                College: Creative and Professional Arts                   Discipline: Art

Project: Planned community reception at Akron Art Museum to showcase student work.

Dr.  Huey-Li Li

                College: Education                   Discipline: Educational  Foundations & Leadership

Project: Augmented various children services in local nonprofits and increased awareness of nonprofit organizations  for education students.

Dr. Judith Juvancic-Heltzel and Melissa Smith

                College: Education                   Discipline: Sports Science and Wellness

Project: Planned and facilitated  a community fair on healthy maturing.

Lori Kraft and Dr. Janet Thompson

                College: Summit                   Discipline: Engineering and Science Technology and Developmental Programs

Project: Conducted a water quality study for Ohio and Erie Canalway Coalition.

Dr. Val Pipps

                College: Creative and Professional Arts                   Discipline: Communication

Project: Developed and implemented new media/social media for local nonprofits.

Mark Soppeland

                College: Creative and Professional Arts                   Discipline: Art

Project: Created and promoted community art project for three local art exhibits.

Gail Tankersley

                College: University College                   Discipline: Student Success Seminar

Project: Planned and hosted a holiday party for homeless teens.

Tracy Thomas

                College:Law                   Discipline: Law

Project: Family law project with domestic relations court.

Litza Varonis

                College: Arts & Sciences                   Discipline: English

Project: Conversations with recent refugees/immigrants.

Dr. Julie Zhao

                College: Engineering                   Discipline: IDEAs Project

Project: Minority engineering students taught middle school students how to build math and science toys.

Dr. Baomei Zhao

                College: Health Sciences and Human Services                   Discipline: Family and Consumer Sciences

Project:  Assisted community agencies that provide family support systems.

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