Master's Degree Program Overview- Lakewood Campus

UA Lakewood Building

  • The Lakewood program is an intensive four consecutive semesters (Spring, Summer, Fall, & Spring), full time, evening, micro concentration program. 
  • This full-time program meets two evenings a week for all four consecutive semesters.
  • During the first two semesters, courses are held Tuesday and Thursday with two courses each night. The class times run from 4:00-9:50 pm (4:00-6:50 pm and 7:00-9:50 pm).
  • During the last two semesters, courses are held on Monday and Wednesday during the same times.  
  • Students must agree to attend all courses at the Lakewood campus.
  • The Lakewood Cohort classes are taught in traditional classroom format, with all 24 students and the instructor situated in the same classroom.


  • As part of the MSW program, students are required to also complete a field placement each semester. The first field placement is in one agency for the first two semesters. The second field placement is in a second agency for the final two semesters.
  • During the first two semesters, the field hour requirements are 16 hours a week. 
  • During the final two semesters, the field requirements are 17 hours a week.  

2016 MSW Application Information - Lakewood Campus for Spring 2016

Please note an increase in graduate application fees: First time Domestic Applicants: $45.;
First time International Applicants: $70.; Reapplication: $45.

Application for a Graduate Assistantship (Please note: The School of Social Work does not require three additional references when applying for a graduate assistantship. Deadline 12/5/15)

Lakewood Campus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • When can I submit my application for admission? Immediately
  • What is the admission deadline for Spring 2016 Start Date? December 5 (Sat), 2015
  • When do classes begin?  Spring semester begins January 19, 2016.
  • Do I need to attend any orientation sessions? Yes, you will need to attend two orientations: Field Orientation & Program Orientation.
    Mandatory Field OrientationNovember 12, 2015 from 4–6 PM 
    Mandatory MSW Program OrientationJanuary, 14, 2016 from 5–7 PM 
  • What information can you provide about parking? There is a parking lot behind The University of Akron Lakewood campus, but it is not owned by the university.
    The parking lot owner charges every car that enters the parking lot before 6:30pm. If you take a parking ticket when you enter the lot, you are required to pay when you leave. 
    This map  highlights additional parking options for students. There are many metered parking options available in the area surrounding the university.
    Parking meters are in effect Monday-Friday until 6pm and take quarters only. There are also many side streets around Lakewood that have un-metered street parking as an option.
  • Wondering about your field education experience? Students may complete their field placements in the Lakewood area or at agencies throughout the Akron area (Click here).
  • Who can I contact for additional assistance?  Professor Becky Thomas, Lakewood Coordinator  or 330-972-5682

Location, location, location!

  • The Lakewood site is located at 14725 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107, surrounded by shops, restaurants, and coffee houses. It’s an ideal location to take college courses! 
  • Parking is readily available at 1415 Warren Road. This location is easily accessible via I-90 and Route 2. 
  • The Lakewood library is two blocks away and is designated as an OhioLink site. Books, articles, and other library materials can be ordered from the main campus and will be delivered to the Lakewood library. 

Lakewood Public Library     Lakewood Public Library Reading Room

"A wonderful opportunity for graduate social work education... We certainly hope you consider this option if you are thinking of furthering your education." 
Timothy McCarragher, Ph.D., LISW-S, 
School Director/Associate Professor