Welcome Message from Michele Thornton

Welcome to the School of Social Work and congratulations on your admission as a pending social work major.  You have completed the first step in becoming an undergraduate social work major.

The School of Social Work does not offer direct admission.  All students are admitted to the school as pending social work majors and must complete the admissions process also known as the pending process.  While pending majors, students complete the required classes and application necessary to become a full social work major.

As a pending major, Michele Thornton is your assigned academic advisor.  You can also receive academic advising from the College Advisor, Francesca Jirsa.  The academic advisors are here to answer your questions and help guide you through the admissions process.  Best wishes for your future academic pursuits.

Michele Thornton
BA/BASW Coordinator|Pending Student Advisor|Associate Instructor
School of Social Work
College of Health Professions
Office:  Polsky 411D
Phone:  330-972-8195
E-mail: mdt@uakron.edu
E-mail:  pendingsocialwork@uakron.edu

Lisa Crites
BA/BASW Wayne Coordinator
School of Social Work
College of Health Professions
Office:  Wayne College A127
Phone: 330-972-8707
E-mail: lkc6@uakron.edu

Francesca Jirsa
College Advisor
Student Success Center
College of Health Professions
Office: Mary Gladwin Hall (MGH) 313
Phone:  330-972-5875 
E-mail:  aff3@uakron.edu

Do you want to be admitted as a full major in an upcoming semester?  The next Application Deadlines are:

  • Spring 2015        Application Deadline is Wednesday, October 15, 2014- Completed
  • Summer 2015     Application Deadline is Monday, February 16, 2015- Completed
  • Fall 2015            Application Deadlines are Monday, March 16, 2015 - Completed
                             (register during Spring 2015 or Wednesday, July 15, 2015 (register
                             during Summer 2015)

Major Changes- New Electives & 120 Credits Overview

Beginning with the fall 2015 semester, two major changes are in place:

  • The social work degree requires 120 credits
  • Students may take any non-required 7750 course to meet the 6 credits of 7750 electives, including the 200-level courses in addiction

Students who are already declared social work majors BEFORE August 31, 2015:

  • Must complete 128 credits, and only take 400-level 7750 electives for the major

Students who are declared social work majors AFTER August 31, 2015 - this includes all pending and future pending students.

  • Must complete 120 credits, and may take any 7750 electives for the major

Effective August 27, 2012 two changes go into effect that impact pending social work majors.

1.  All students newly admitted into the School of Social Work must earn and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 for pending and full major admission.

2.  All application essays/autobiographical statements, recommendations, and Request for
 Application Review forms must be submitted to Admissions via pendingsocialwork@uakron.edu

Pending Process Information and Forms

Did you know?
The School of Social Work has an email address dedicated to the needs of pending social work majors.  Questions about entering the school, admissions criteria, application material submission, or any other pending related questions can be submitted to a dedicated email address:  pendingsocialwork@uakron.edu

Did you know?
Many questions students have about the pending process can be found in the Pending Checklist and Advising Handbook for Pending Majors.  Please review the Pending Checklist after receipt of your pending admission email.  Pending documents are located on the school's website.

Did you know?
We have a tool to assist you in effectively preparing for your first scheduled Pending Advising Appointment.  It is a document with the same name- How to prepare for Your Pending Advising Appointment.