Programs and events at the Climbing Wall

    1. Introduction to Belaying - Learn the fundamental skill of top rope belaying. Required for all climbers who wish to independently belay at our wall.
    2. Belay Testing and Certification - All climbers who have attended the Intro to Belaying class and wish to belay independently must pass our belay test.
    3. Mile High Challenge - Our annual fall semester event that challenges climber to climb the height (5280ft) of a mile over the course of the semester.
    4. Lead Climbing - Lead climbing is available by signing up for our Lead Climbing Class. Ask our staff members for more information and how to sign up.
    5. American Mountain Guide Association-Climbing Wall Instructor Certification Program - A nationally recognized twenty-hour certification course to train and evaluate artificial climbing wall instructors.
      Belay Testing

      Rock Wall FAQs.

      Introduction to Belaying

      Our introduction to belaying is a two hour class that introduces the fundamental belay skills required to independently use the rock wall. This course is required for all climbers regardless of prior climbing experience or knowledge who wish to belay and top rope independently at the wall. The one time fee for the class is $10 for students.  Pre-Registration for the belay class is required.

      Belay Testing and Certification

      After the completion of the Introduction to Belaying class, participant, are required to take and pass our belay test in order to become certified to belay independently at the wall. Class participants must wait at least 24 hours after the Intro class to take the test, or upon further practice with instructors.

      The belay test will assess the climber's ability to independently put on a climbing harness, tie a figure-eight follow-through knot, demonstrate proper and efficient belay technique and be able to answer rock wall specific questions. Testing is FREE.

      Belay certifications last one semester. After one semester your skills will be re-tested.

      Mile High Challenge

      Do you think you can climb the height of a mile (5280ft)? Every fall semester we challenge you to climb the distance of a mile, 99 times to the top of our wall. This semester-long challenge is an annual and very popular event.

      If you climb the height of a mile you will receive the coveted "Mile High Club Member" T-shirt. The challenge begins in September and concludes with our results party. The fee for the challenge is $8. Tracking sheet provided.

      Bouldering Competitions

      Benefit Bouldering Competition - Every late fall semester we host a bouldering competition of which the proceeds benefit local and/or regional non-profit climbing access organizations. The recommended donations of $5 or $10 will be 100% donated. No prizes are awarded but recognition is given.

      University Bouldering Series 
      - Every spring semester we host a bouldering competition as part of the University Bouldering Series, which is a series of comps hosted by regional colleges and universities. Prizes are awarded in various categories. Routes will be set for beginners through advanced climbers. The fee for the challenge is $10, or $15 for the challenge and Introuction to Belay Class. All climbers must be 18 years old or older.

        Lead Climbing

        Lead climbing is available with the approval of the OA manager and upon completion of the Introduction to Lead Climbing Class. Hours vary by semester. $40 class/$20 repeat per semester.

        AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor Certification Program

        This twenty-hour course will address the basic skills necessary to manage an instructional program at a climbing facility and will address the following general topic areas:

        • professionalism and the role of a climbing wall instructor;
        • client orientation and instruction;
        • teaching general climbing skills including movement;
        • teaching top-rope and lead belaying techniques;
        • equipment and facility use;
        • rescue and emergency procedures
        • risk management.

        Upon successful completion of the course participants will receive an AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) certification.

        At a minimum, training for candidates will occur in each of the above technical competency areas. Candidates shall possess sufficient knowledge, demonstrate skills, and/or demonstrate teaching ability in each competency area (if appropriate to the topic) in order to successfully complete the course. Fee: $300 Dates: TBA

        Call the outdoor adventure program at 330-972-7443 for more information.