Fall 2014 Calendar of Events

RooFest 8/24/2014 2pm–4pm Student Union
Fall Club Sports Officers Meeting 9/4/2014 6pm–7:30pm SRWC 245
Club Sports Forms & Registration Deadline 9/12/2014 6pm OrgSync
Annual Budget Requests due 9/19/2014 6pm OrgSync
Fall Game/Event Schedules due 10/1/2014 6pm OrgSync
Fall Contingency Funding Request due 10/10/2014 6pm SRWC 229
End of Semester Report due 12/12/2014 6pm OrgSync
*Spring Club Sport Officer Meeting 1/14/2015 6pm–7:30pm SRWC 245
Spring Game/Event Schedules due 2/2/2015 6pm OrgSync
Club Officer Transition 2/20/2015 N/A N/A
*Annual Budget Training (Treasurers) 3/18/2015 6pm–7:30pm SRWC 245
*Club Officer Training 4/14/2015 6pm–7:30pm SRWC 245
Inventory Inspection 5/1/2015 3pm–6pm SRWC
End of Semester Report due 5/8/2015 6pm OrgSync
Community Service Reports due 5/29/2015 5pm OrgSync

***Dates and times are subject to change.  Please refer to the Club Sport’s OrgSync calendar for the most up to date information.