How to reserve the SRWC for an event

Due to the recreational and athletic nature and design of the SRWC, groups and/or organizations are asked to request the use of the SRWC for events that are within the scope of the facilities.

If you belong to a student organization, you must submit your request through OrgSync. UA departments and outside organizations should use the following procedure.

Step 1 - Download the Facility Reservation/Special Event Forms as a PDF. Please return completed forms to our Associate Director Facilities at or fax it to 330-972-6715.

Step 2  - Requestors will be contacted about the possibility of hosting their event at the SRWC/ONAT. Details will be discussed.

Step 3  - A meeting will be held at the SRWC with the requesting party and the manager of Special Events. Further planning sessions may be required depending on the nature and scope of the proposed event.

The following items are discussed:

    • Dates and times of the event
    • Purpose and scope of the event
    • Participants
    • Equipment and supervision requirements
    • Special equipment and set-up requirements
    • Admission fees
    • Facility use policies and guidelines
    • Liability insurance requirements, if applicable
    • Written usage agreements
    • Concession and vending requirements
    • Rental and equipment costs and payment methods
    • First aid and safety policies and procedures
    • Weather contingencies

    Step 4  - SRWS will prepare a Cost Estimate based upon the SRWS Rental Charges, the Event Employee Charges and the Equipment Charges.

    Step 5  - In the event that concession and/or vending stands will be operated, a Vending Agreement must be completed and submitted. The requesting party must agree to abide by University policies and procedures and State Health Codes related to the operation of a concession or vending stands.

    Step 6  - Community groups/organizations will also be required to pay a deposit for the use of the facility requested, depending upon the size of and duration of the event.

    Step 7  - The event is officially scheduled when the following conditions are met:

    • The requested date or dates are available.
    • The event complies with Board of Trustee Policies, University Policies and Procedures and SRWS Policies and Procedures.
    • The Facility Reservation and the Equipment forms have been completed and submitted.
    • The cost estimate is accepted by the requesting party.
    • Terms and Conditions Agreement has been signed by all parties (when applicable).
    • The preliminary planning meetings have been successfully completed.
    • The special facility or supervision requirements have been coordinated with the SRWS Department and any other necessary University Departments (Police, Facilities, etc.).
    • The Proof of Insurance form has been submitted (when applicable).
    • The Vending Agreement has been signed by all parties (when applicable).

    Step 8  - Contract Procedures:

    a. A Terms of Agreement Contract will be prepared by the Manager of Informal Recreation, including the final cost prepared by the Business Manager, and reviewed by the Associate Director Operations of Student Recreation and Wellness Services.
    b. Once the contract is completed:
    a. The contract is then mailed to the requestor to be signed.
    b. The requestor must return two, original signed contracts along with the deposit.
    c. The balance due date will be included in the contract, if the balance is not paid prior to the event, the event will be cancelled.
    d. For student organizations, university programs, departments and colleges University Web Requisitions must be used.
    e. If a community group needs an Invoice, they may receive one from the Business Manager.
    f. All accounts must be paid in full prior to the even