Health screenings

The campus community and Akron-area community members can learn their health status by completing confidential evaluative tests administered by Wellness Services.

Our knowledgeable staff recommends and support lifestyle changes through evaluation, education and a variety of tools to help motivate individuals.

All of our services are by appointment. To make an appointment for the following services, please call 330-972-6599 or stop into the Wellness Suite, SRWC 107.

Hours of operation can be found on our building hours page

Wellness Screenings/Assessments

  1. Physical Fitness Assessment
  2. Exercise Program Design
  3. Metabolic Rate Screening
  4. Student Nutritional Services
  5. Body Composition

Physical Fitness Assessment

    This assessment includes testing the five components of physical fitness:
    1. aerobic capacity
    2. body composition
    3. muscular strength
    4. muscular endurance
    5. flexibility.

    Your results are compared to norms for your age and gender to determine your current fitness level. This confidential assessment is performed by a Wellness Technician who will explain the results at the conclusion of your test and provide you with your own results packet.

    An initial assessment can provide baseline information for those ready to begin an exercise routine or for those currently engaged in an exercise routine and ready to embark on a new training phase. A follow up assessment is recommended 6-12 weeks after beginning a new exercise routine or at the end and start of each new training phase for experienced exercisers.

    Each UA student and faculty/staff member is eligible to receive one (1) free physical fitness assessment per calendar year.

    Each additional assessment is $15 for UA community members. For community non-members, the cost for initial and follow-up physical fitness assessments is $45.

    Prior to performing a physical fitness assessment, each member is required to complete the following paperwork:

    [Link to PFA & EPD Packet]

    Exercise Program Design

      After performing a physical fitness assessment, our staff can develop an exercise prescription specific to your needs and fitness goals. A staff member will analyze the assessment, create a tailored exercise program and show you how to use the prescribed exercise equipment. Each program design is approved by a certified personal trainer.

      The cost of this service is $12 for students, $18 for faculty/staff and members and $28 for community non-members.

      Metabolic Rate Screening

        Ever wonder how many calories you burn in a day? This information can help you with weight management goals or to determine nutritional needs. Our MedGem device will estimate the amount of calories you burn at your most rested state. The device is placed over your mouth for about 10 minutes to measure your oxygen consumption, which is used to determine your resting metabolic rate.

        The cost of this procedure is $20 for students, $25 for faculty/staff and members, and $35 for community non-members.

        Student Nutrition Education Consultation

        Nutrition Consultation includes:

        • Nutrition Assessment
        • Personalized Nutrition Plan
        • Follow up consultation
        • Nutrition education

        Free with your U of A Meal plan, courtesy of Dining services, $15 without meal plan.
        *Schedule an appointment with the Nutrition Office at (330) 972-2836 or

        Student Health Services additional provides:

        • Cholesterol panel ($14)
        • Fingerstick blood sugar ($5)
        • Blood draw fee ($6)
        • Thyroid Screen ($12)

        The screenings available through Student Health Services can be scheduled by calling 330-972-7808.

          Body Composition

            The skinfold caliper test assess the thickness of fat under the skin by measuring up to eight sites on the body.

            The cost of each of these procedure is $5 for students, $7 for faculty/staff and members and $10 for community non-members.