ZipFit Logo

ZipFit is an individual and team based challenge in which participants complete a variety of fun and exciting activities related to health and wellness. Members will work toward a weekly goal of 100 points that are earned through those activities.

The goal of the challenge is:

  • To promote individual awareness/education of a healthy lifestyle
  • To promote physical activity as a part of one’s lifestyle
  • To assist participants in creating and achieving personal wellness goals
  • To provide an activity that is healthy, educational, and FUN
  • To encourage and develop peer support
  • To increase awareness of fitness and wellness opportunities at The University of Akron SRWC

The ZipFit Challenge will run Monday, January 12, 2015 through Friday, March 20, 2015.
All Students, Faculty, Staff, Contract Professionals and Graduate Assistants are eligible to participate.

Official Rules and Information

Member of SRWC: $10 per person for Individuals or $7 per person for a Team Member
Non-Member of SRWC: $20 per person for Individuals or $17 per person for a Team Member.
*Cost includes membership at the SRWC for duration of program*

Each participant will receive a ZipFit Challenge T-shirt and be eligible for prizes at events and program awards!

T-Shirt Design Contest
Put your creativity to the test, submit a T-shirt design for the official ZipFit 2015 Challenge. An administrative team will select the top submissions which will be then voted on by all ZipFit participants following the midpoint of the challenge.

Helpful Links for Physical Activity & Nutrition
The University of Akron Nutrition Center
The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
American Heart Association
Spark People®
Activity Calorie Counters/Activity Ideas - For hundreds of activities to find out estimated caloric output.