Favorite Activity inside the Rec: Running, working out, soccer and watching the all-stars on court #2.

Favorite Activity outside the Rec: Checking out the parks around the area with my wife and dog, playing and coaching soccer, and watching the #1 Akron men’s soccer team.

Favorite Quote: The greatest risk is not taking one!

About: I am proud graduate of the Indiana University (Go Hoosiers) and the University of Tennessee (Go Vols). In June 2010, Maighdlin Sullivan and I were married in Maryland and currently live in the Akron area with our dog, Hoosier. We both enjoy spending time with our families in Indiana and Maryland and look forward to seeing all of our friends spread out all over the country. Working at the University of Akron has been a pleasure and hopefully I have made a positive influence on some of the students here. I also spend time coaching soccer with some of the local club teams in the Cleveland area.