Pool - Only Guest Pass Policy:

Current SRWC members including University of Akron students, staff, faculty, alumni, spouses, and community members; may sponsor a guest into the pool areas subject to the following guidelines:

  • The sponsor or guest may purchase an Aquatic Guest Pass from Student Recreation and Wellness Services in the Information Office or ONAT Front Desk, for a non-refundable fee of $4.00.
  • Any child under 3-years of age will not be charged for a pool-only guest pass.  Any child 3-years of age & older will be charged a $4.00 pool-only guest pass fee.
  • A parent or guardian is required to be in the water with any guest pass user under 48”.  Aquatic personnel reserves the right to require a parent or guardian to be in the water with any guest pass participant that is over 48” & deemed a weak swimmer by Lifeguard staff. 
  • The sponsor may host up to three guests per day.
  • Valid University of Akron identification is required by the sponsor at the time of purchase, to purchase the Guest Pass.
  • Guest Passes are valid only on the date shown and passes may not be altered in any way.  
  • Each aquatic guest pass participant must wear a dated wrist band the entire time they utilize facility.  If found without wrist band at anytime in facility the guest will immediately be asked to leave the facility and will lose their guest privileges indefinitely. 
  • The sponsor must accompany the guest at all times, and both are responsible for compliance with building regulations.
  • A guest cannot sponsor another guest.
  • A guest cannot check out equipment.
  • Guests providing false information will be subject to loss of guest privileges.
  • Swim Passes will not be available during swim lesson times.