The Outdoor Rental Center (OASIS) offers a comprehensive collection of the highest quality outdoor gear on the market. We are able to provide all your equipment needs for backpacking, camping, kayaking and canoeing. Equipment rental is available to the students and faculty/staff of The University of Akron as well as to the local community. Please call 330-972-7357 to make a reservation.

Rental Agreement Form

If you are renting for a large organized group please call 330-972-7357 or email for group pricing.

  1. Equipment for Rent 
  2. Rental Price Sheets
  3. Rental Time Frame
  4. Rental Policies

Backpacking/Camping Equipment

  • Two person tents
    • Sierra Designs Gamma
    • Eureka Timberline 2XT
    • Mountain Hardware 2p
  • Three person tents
    • Mountain Hardware 3p
  • Four person tents
    • Eureka Timberline 4XT
  • One burner stove-white gas
    • Coleman Peak One
  • Two burner stove-propane
    • Coleman propane
  • Backpacking fuel bottle w/ funnel (16oz)
  • Sleeping Bags (twenty degree and zero degree)
    • 20 degree- Sierra Design Wild Bill (Reg. and Long lengths)
    • 20 degree- The North Face Goliath
    • 0 degree- Sierra Designs Shackelton (Reg. and Long lengths)
  • Camping Pad
  • Backpacks (external and internal)
    • External Frame- Camp Trails McKinley
    • Internal Frame- Gregory Shasta
  • Pack cover
  • Kitchen tool set
  • Plastic ware set (bowl, mug, cutlery)
  • Aluminum Mess Kit
  • Collapsible water jug
  • Water filter
  • Snow shoes
  • Lantern-fuel or battery (we do not provide fuel or batteries)
  • Compass

Boating Equipment 

  • Canoe Package (one canoe, two paddles, two PFDs)
    • 16ft Old Town Penobscot
  • Sea Kayak Package (one kayak, one kayak paddle, one spray skirt)
    • 17 ft Wilderness systems Cape Horn
    • 14 ft Perception Carolina
  • Personal Floatation Device (type III)
  • Car Top Carrier (foam and strap kit)
  • Bilge Pump
  • Strobe Light
  • Rec Kayak Package (pfd/paddle)
  • Inflatable Paddleboard (pfd/paddle)
  • Wet Suit


  • Trek Mountain Bikes
  • Jamis 29" Mountain Bikes
  • 2" Square Hitch for Bike Carriers
  • 3 Bike Trunk Carrier


  • Free rental of outdoor books


Rental Price Sheets: (PDF format)
Rec Member/UA Faculty/Staff

Rental Time Frame
A day rental is 24 hours
A weekend rental is Thursday - Monday
A week rental is 5 consecutive days

Rental Policies
To reserve equipment, full rental fee must be paid.

No charge if cancelled more than 2 days in advance.
50% of the fee will be charged if cancelled less than two days in advance.
Refunds will not be available for equipment not picked up.

You must present proper identification (student ID or driver's license) to be able to rent equipment.

No equipment will be considered returned until it is inspected. Allow yourself time for this inspection. No refunds for early returns.
Tents-Upon return, you will be required to set up your tents for inspection and drying.

Equipment returned late will be subject to additional days' rental fees, plus a $10.00 late fee.

Please return items clean and dry. A $10.00 per item cleaning charge will be assessed for items that must be cleaned.

The renter is responsible for costs of repair or replacement.

It is responsibility of the renter to know how to use the equipment. The renter may ask a staff member for clarification about the proper use of equipment; however, the staff member explanation is not a substitute for proper training from a certified instructor.

Each renter of equipment must sign a liability statement when checking out the equipment. The user agrees to pay for any damages or loss of equipment and also agrees not to hold the University, and its employees, or the State of Ohio responsible for injuries, accidents, or other mishaps which may occur while using the equipment.