James Steiger, Ph.D

James Steiger, Ph.D

Title: Professor
Dept/Program: Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
Phone: 330-972-8190
Email: steiger@uakron.edu


Research and Clinical Interests

  • Diagnosis and treatment of adult onset hearing loss
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus
  • The history of audiology
  • Current professional issues

Personal interests and hobbies

  • Playing guitar
  • Watching baseball
  • Reading American Civil War History


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Doctoral courses taught:

  • Diagnosis of Auditory Disorders
  • Audiologic Assessment
  • Medical Management of Auditory Disorders
  • Critical Analysis of Research I
  • History of Audiology

Undergraduate courses taught:

  • Introduction to Hearing and Speech Science
  • Principles of Audiology