Application FAQ

Post-baccalaureate Classes

Do I have to complete the post baccalaureate classes before applying to the Master's Program?

We require that you have completed, and submit transcripts for, at least one semester of post-bacc coursework at the time of your application, so that we can see your academic potential in SLP courses. All post-bacc courses need to be completed by the time you begin the graduate program.

Application Deadlines

When is your graduate school admission application deadline? If I should miss the deadline, can I apply as a non-matriculate student?

Applications are due by January 1st for admission to the program the following fall. Please see the Admission Procedures section of the website.

Students cannot apply as non-matriculate students to the graduate SLP program. If you miss the deadline, you can apply for the following year.

Can I send in my application while waiting to take the GRE exams?

GRE scores are required to complete and process your CSDCAS application.

I completed my application via CSDCAS by the deadline for the Speech program. It will take 4-6 weeks to verify my application. Since my CSDCAS application has not been sent but it is complete, would my application be considered late?

No - we require only that your application be considered "complete" according to CSDCAS by the deadline. Note that we also require that you have submitted your University of Akron Graduate School application and fee by the deadline. We recommend that you submit your CSDCAS application well in advance of our deadline, in order to insure timely delivery of your application materials to us. Please refer to the Admission Procedures.

CSDCAS Application and Supplemental Documents

Is it still a requirement to apply through the website and through CSDCAS for the 2014 school year?

Yes! Full information and instructions are posted on the Admission Procedures section of our website.

What needs to be sent to Akron's Grad Program and what needs to be sent to CSDCAS?

Full information, instructions, and links are posted on the Admission Procedures section of our website.

ALL application documents must be submitted through CSDCAS - we will not accept any documents that are sent directly to us - all transcripts, letters of recommendation, essay, etc. should ONLY be sent to CSDCAS. They will process and then send your application to us.

The only 2 things that you will submit to The University of Akron's Graduate School are (1) the official copy of your GRE scores and (2) our Graduate School application/fee.

Should I send supplemental paperwork directly to the department to ensure the department receives my information in a timely manner?

No! We will not accept any documents that are sent directly to us - all transcripts, letters of recommendation, essay, etc. should ONLY be sent to CSDCAS. The best way to ensure that our department receives your application materials in a timely manner is to submit your application to CSDCAS well before the January 1st deadline.

Do I still need to send in a copy of my resume?

For your resume, you do not need to send anything to us directly - the information that you enter in the CSDCAS application is sufficient.

Is there a topic or prompt for the essay portion of the application?

In the CSDCAS instructions, you will find the essay topic for our program. Be sure to look under The University of Akron - SLP for our specific topic/writing prompt.

I had a few questions regarding the recommendation form. Does this form supplement a recommendation letter? Or do they only fill out this form as the recommendation?

As part of the CSDCAS application, you may choose to provide either an on-line link for your recommenders to submit their letters of recommendation electronically OR they can submit a hard copy to CSDCAS. We suggest using the electronic system when possible, for faster processing. The recommendation includes a short questionnaire/form for the recommender to complete, and an option to upload (or attach, if using hard-copy) a letter if they choose to do so. Please note that your recommenders should only be completing the CSDCAS forms - NOT the general University of Akron forms!

Do the people who are writing my letters need to submit a hard copy or upload them to the online component for the University of Akron's online application?

See answer above. You have a choice whether to request an electronic recommendation or a hard copy for CSDCAS. No letters of recommendation should be sent directly to The University of Akron.

What kind of letters of recommendation does your university look for?

In the CSDCAS instructions, you will find the information about how many letters we require, and from whom recommendation letters are acceptable.


I sent my transcripts to CSDCAS - is this enough or do you also need a copy sent directly to the school?

The Graduate School at the University of Akron does not need a separate transcript - the one we receive as part of your CSDCAS application will be sufficient.

Do I need to complete the coursework section on the CSDCAS application, since I will already be sending my transcript to your school?

YES!!! You must fill out the coursework/transcript section of the CSDCAS application! They will not process your application, or forward it to us, without that section. Please refer to CSDCAS' instructions and FAQ section for detailed information about your transcripts. They must also receive an official transcript from EACH institution you have attended, in order to verify all of your coursework. Again, your application will not be processed or sent to us without this step being completed. You do not need to send a transcript directly to The University of Akron.

I received an email stating that I needed to send transcripts in order for my application to be processed. Are the transcripts via CSDCAS sufficient?

Yes - our Graduate School will accept the transcripts which are part of the CSDCAS application as "official transcripts," since they have been verified by CSDCAS. You do not need to send additional transcripts. Once the Graduate School receives a copy of your CSDCAS application, they will process your UA application.

GRE Scores

Do my GRE scores that I send to your school need to be the official scores, or can they be a copy made of my original scores I received in the mail?

Our Graduate School needs an official report of your GRE scores - they will not accept a photocopy.

Graduate Assistantship Application

I found an application for graduate assistantships on the University's website. Do I need to fill this out, and is there anything else I need to do to apply for a graduate assistantship?

For our program, students do not apply for GA positions - so please do NOT send in the general application form that is found on the Graduate School's website. All we ask you to do is to check the box on the application that indicates your interest in an assistantship. We will gather more information about your interest in assistantships during our interview process.

Reapplying to the Program

I am planning to reapply to The University of Akron this year - does your department still have my GRE test scores and other materials, or do I need to resend them?

The Graduate School will keep your GRE scores on file - you will not need to resend those. GRE scores are valid for five (5) years. However, you will need to complete a new CSDCAS application for this year. Please refer to the FAQ section of the CSDCAS website for detailed information.

Communication and Notification about Application Materials

How will I know if the University of Akron has received all of my application materials?

The Admissions Coordinator of the Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Program will send you email notifications via CSDCAS, as each portion of your application is received by our program. If you need to check on something that was submitted to The University of Akron's Graduate School (GRE scores, UA application, fee, etc.), you may contact our Graduate School directly. Their email address is and their phone number is (330) 972-7663.

NOTE: please be sure that your email address on your CSDCAS application is correct and complete - as this is the only means by which we will contact you during the application process!