The Musson Room Experiential Speech-Language Center
An excellent resource for the School of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology is the Experiential Speech-Language Center, funded by the R.C. and Katherine Musson Foundation. This Center is designed to allow student clinicians to develop and implement interventions with clients that are based in real world communication environments of home-related activities. Clients participate in a fully furnished family room and kitchen where they can practice daily tasks related to a home environment. Both adults and children are provided the opportunity for therapy in a home-like setting that allows for more natural communication among client, family members, and student clinician. Opportunities for these naturalistic activities facilitate carryover to the home environment. 

The Experiential Speech-Language Center is the location of several monthly support groups offered by the Speech and Hearing Center. The Stuttering Support Group and the Support Group for Individuals with Closed Head Injury use the room to facilitate a natural home-like setting for their activities. The room is also used for individual and family therapy sessions. The Center is  a focal point for development of innovative speech and language services within the Audiology and Speech Center.