Overview of the Program

A degree in Physical Education is offered at both the bachelor's and master's degree levels.

A degree in Health Education is offered at the bachelor's degree level.

Students may seek dual licensure in both Physical Education & Health Education with only a few additional courses, and are highly encouraged to do so.

Student in Concepts in Health and Fitness learn to take a blood pressure on lower extremitiesThe Undergraduate pre K-12 physical/health education major prepares you for licensure in physical/health education and to work in pre K-12 public and private schools and community facilities such as the YMCA and sports academies.  It also prepares you to pursue graduate studies in sport administration, sport behavior and sport science and coaching.

Program Details for the Undergraduate Program

The Graduate degree program in Physical Education is designed for postbaccalaureate and in-service physical educators.  The emphasis in this curriculum is to provide answers to the questions “what I can learn about teaching and what decisions do I face as a professional educator?” 

  • Additional licesnure in Health Education may also be obtained for those who did not obtain it  in undergraduate studies.

Program Details for the Graduate Program

What Makes Our Program Special?

  • Innovative, interactive and experienced faculty
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • Service learning built into coursework
  • Opportunities to participate in research projects

Visitation Days

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Physical/Health Education at The University of Akron, we highly encourage you to attend a Visitation Day.  Here, you will be able to obtain more information and have the opportunity to meet with Physical/Health Education faculty to address any specific questions you may have.

Schedule a Visitation Day

Get Involved!

The Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (OAHPERD) affords the students the opportunity to promote professional activity within the classroom setting and community.