Physical Education Program Faculty

Sean Cai

Dr. Sean Cai, Professor, teaches Orientation to Teaching Physical Education; Secondary Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education at both undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests include motivation and physical exercise, physical exercise, and teaching children with disabilities.

Victor Pinheiro

Dr. Victor Pinheiro, Professor and Department Chair, teaches courses in Diagnosis of Motor Skills, Physical Education, other sport pedagogy courses, and core teacher education courses. His research interests include diagnosing motor skills, developing expertise in physical education, and multimedia technology in teacher education.

Mary Jo MacCracken

Dr. Mary Jo MacCracken, Professor of Education, teaches in the Physical Education, Sport Science/Coaching programs. Her research interests include competitive state anxiety in children; social physique anxiety in children; social facilitation; children’s obesity and Type 2 diabetes. She also directs the Motor Development Lab in the Department of Sport Science & Wellness Education.