Sport Science and Sport Studies Faculty

Dr. Alan KornspanDr. Alan Kornspan has published extensive research related to the behavior and cognition of expert and novice coaches. Specifically, this coaching research has focused on the differences between expert and novice coaches. Additionally, Dr. Kornspan has conducted research related to the motivational reasons that coaches believe youth participate in sport and the history of sport and exercise psychology between 1890 and 1965. His research has been published in a number of noted professional journals, including Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual, Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, and Perceptual and Motor Skills

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Dr. Seungbum LeeDr. Seungbum Lee teaches Sales Management in Sport, Sport Planning/Promotion, Fundamentals of Management Strategies in Sport, and Business of Sport. His research lies in the field of marketing and management applied to the field of sport. Specifically, his research interests include outsourcing, sales, new media, and globalization in the context of sport. Currently, he is a member of Sport Marketing Association (SMA).

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