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Welcome to Statistics

Statistics is the discipline that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. It can be applied to a wide array of academic areas, from biology, chemistry and anthropology to geography, political science and sociology. Because it is used as a basis for logical, informed decisions, statistics has wide application in the public and private, profit and nonprofit sectors of society.

Why major in Stats at UA?

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Our Program

We offer Masters of Science in Statistics and Bachelor of Science in Statistics degree as well as Minor in Statistics.  Our students receive training in critical thinking about sources of data, interpretation of data, and the merit of conclusions drawn from data.  As all members of society are increasingly bombarded with information, the skills learned in the study of statistics contribute significantly to the development of enlightened members of society.

Professional Preparation

Because virtually every profession depends on verifiable, reliable and instructive statistics – mathematicians, scientists, educators, engineers and more – those with degrees in statistics can rely on good prospects for employment. The University of Akron’s statistics program prepares you for graduate studies or a successful career in private industry as well as federal, state or local government.

Our Graduates

Our graduates are prepared for advanced studies in statistics and related disciplines and for the diverse uses of statistics in business, industry, government, scientific research and society.

Statistical Consulting

We offer expert consulting at a nominal fee.  See what we can do for you!