Undergraduate Admission

Admission to the Program

The Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences admits students who have satisfied the following criteria:

  • completed a minimum of 30 semester credit hours
  • completed 7 credits of English Composition for the general education requirement
  • completed 3 credits of mathematics or statistics (excluding 3450:100 Intermediate Algebra) earned in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics or the Department of Statistics
  • have a minimum grade-point average of 2.00 in all work attempted in the major field, including transfer work (excluding Political Science which requires 2.2)
  • have a minimum grade-point average of 2.00 in all university work, including transfer credits (excluding Political Science, English, and Sociology, all of which require 2.2)
  • received approval of the Dean of the College

Transfer Students

Students transferring into the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences from universities other than The University of Akron must satisfy the same Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences admission requirements as University of Akron students.

See Undergraduate Bulletin for clarification.

3470: Statistics Undergraduate Program

The Department of Statistics at The University of Akron presently offers the following degree options to students desiring to major in statistics:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Statistics

  • Bachelor of Science, Statistics

  • Bachelor of Science, Statistics/Statistical Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Science, Statistics/Actuarial Science

  • Minor in Statistics

Requirements for the bachelor’s degree includes:

  • Completion of the General Education requirement.
  • A minimum of 47 credits (exclusive of workshops and General Education courses) consisting of either:
    • 300/400-level courses both in and outside the student’s major;
    • any courses outside the major department as specified in and approved by the student’s major adviser and the department chair (permission should be obtained prior to enrollment), except workshops and General Education courses.
  • Completion of requirements in a major field of study and the recommendation of the student’s major department.
  • Attaining a minimum grade-point average of 2.00 for all courses in the major department
  • Fulfilling the University requirements for a baccalaureate degree set forth in Section 3 of the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Note:  Any student who wishes to receive a second baccalaureate degree must complete 32 credits of coursework in addition to the credits necessary for the first degree; 16 of the 32 credits must be in 300/400-level courses or other approved courses.

Program Detail

CAS Building-Statistics

Make an appointment with the Statistics Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Richard Einsporn

E-mail:  reinsporn@uakron.edu

Phone:  330.972.8007

Office:  CAS 115K

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