Statistics undergraduate degree program

Undergraduate Degrees and Requirements

Bachelor of Arts, Statistics

Bachelor of Science, Statistics

  • The General Education requirement (page 100) and the second year of a foreign language.
  • Core Curriculum:
3450:221,2,3 Analytic Geometry-Calculus I, II and III 12 credits
3450:312 Linear Algebra   3 credits
3460:209 Computer Science I   4 credits
3470:451, 2 Theoretical Statistics I, II   6 credits
3470:461 Applied Statistics   4 credits
3470:462 Applied Regression and ANOVA   4 credits
3470:480 Statistical Data Management   3 credits
3470:495 Statistical Consulting   2 credits
38 credits
  • For the Bachelor of Science Degree:  Complete nine credits of course work outside the major and beyond the General Education requirements in a suitable area of concentration as approved by the department.
  • At least one 3 credit elective must be an approved Statistics course.
  • Note:  For students intending to go on to graduate school, the following electives are recommended: 3450:421,422 Advanced Calculus I,II.
  • For the Bachelor of Arts degree: Complete 9 credits of coursework outside the major and beyond the General Education requirements in a suitable area of concentration as approved by the department.
  • Complete 18 credits of humanities or social sciences beyond the General Education requirements.  The 18 credits are to be from more than one department.
  • At least one 3 credit elective must be an approved Statistics course. 

 Statistical Computer Science option (BS only)

  • Other required courses:
3450:208 Intro to Discrete Mathematics 4 credits
Computer Science II
4 credits
Data Structures & Algorithms II
3 credits
3460:475 Database Management 3 credits
14 credits
  • At least one 3 credit elective must be an approved Statistics course.
  • Note: Computer Science minor can be obtained by completing 3460:306 Assembly and System Programming and another 3 credit computer science elective course in addition to the above required courses.

Actuarial Science option (BS only)

  • Note: Actuarial Science Core Curriculum (replaces 9 credits of concentration and 18 credits of electives required for BS Statistics degree).
  • The recommended area of concentration for the Actuarial Science degree:
6200:202 Accounting Principles II 3 credits
6400:301 Principles of Finance 3 credits
6400:415 Risk Management: Life and Health Insurance 3 credits
9 credits
  • Other required courses:
3250:244 Introduction to Economic Analysis 3 credits
3470:471, 2 Actuarial Science I, II 6 credits
6200:201 Accounting Principles I 3 credits
12 credits
  • Select two of the following: 
3250:427 Economic Forecasting 3 credits
3450:335 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations 3 credits
3450:436 Mathematical Models 3 credits
3470:469 Reliability Models 3 credits
6 credits

Note: Graduation requires a minimum of 47 upper-level credits (exclusive of workshops or General Education courses).

Statistics Honors Project

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Minor in Statistics

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