All talks will be held in CAS 109 unless otherwise specified.

Fall 2016 Colloquiums

Summer 2016 Masters Paper Presentations

Past Colloquiums

Thursday, April 16th from 2:10-3:00 Dr. Peter Craigmile, (Ohio State University) "Wavelet-based estimation of the long memory parameter in Gaussian non-gappy and gappy time series.

Thursday, March 19th from 2:10-3:00 Dr. Sujay Datta, (University of Akron) "Graphical and Network Models in Bioinformatics". 

Thursday, February 12th from 2:10-3:00 Dr. John Tuhao Chen, (Bowling Green State University)  "Step-up Confidence Procedures for the Minimum Effective Dose of a Drug."

Tue, Apr 19    12:30-1:30  (CAS438)  Dr. Craig L. Zirbel (Dept. of Math & Stats, Bowling Green)  Matching RNA motif sequences to known 3D geometries.  

Thur, Apr 28    2:00-3:00  Dr. Thaddeus Tarpey (Dept. of Math, Wright State U)  Calling Models Wrong for the Wrong Reasons