All talks will be held in CAS 109 unless otherwise specified.

Fall 2016 Colloquiums

Fall 2016 Masters Paper Presentations

Mar. 21 (Tue) 2:30-3:00 Lukke Sweet

Fall 2016 Graduates: Changlin Wang, Faizan Khatri, Micah Ruth, Lina Zhang, Paul Traxler

Past Colloquiums

Oct. 27 (Thu)  2:00-3:00     Dr. Ananda Sen (School of Public Health, UMichigan)  "Competing Risks and Missing Cause of Failure: An Overview"  

Nov. 10 (Thu)  2:00-3:00     Dr. Won Chang (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, UCincinnati)  "Improving Ice Sheet Model Calibration Using Paleoclimate and Modern Data"

Nov. 17 (Thu) 2:00-3:00 Dr. Siva Sivaganesan, (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, U of Cincinnati) (CANCELLED)