Student Employee Appreciation Week

Our student employees contribute to the academic and extra-curricular aspects that make The University of Akron such an excellent community of higher education. The Office of Student Employment encourages campus departments to take time during National Student Employment Week (April 14-18, 2014) to let their student employees know how much their work is appreciated.

National Student Employment Week is a week designated to honor and recognize the contributions of all student employees of The University of Akron, acknowledging their efforts motivates, encourages, and thanks student employees while providing incentives for them to continue their efforts.

While budgets are tight a thank-you email or face-to-face compliment helps to show student employees how much their contributions are valued. Throw a pizza party, take your students out to lunch, decorate your office, bring cookies, send a thank you card etc….


Recognition for Student Employees

Low Cost

    Treat Day

  • Full time staff brings in treats/lunch for student workers.

    Treat Week

  • each day bring something different cookies, popcorn, candy, etc.

    Take pictures

  • post student employee pictures and list what wonderful things they do

    Notes Home

  • send a note to the families of your student workers.Let them know what the student does, how their work impacts your department, and how terrific the student is for your department

    Buy low cost, blank certificates and make up silly awards for students: best telephone voice, best web surfer, etc.

    Friendship Plants

  • take cuttings from a plant in the office and give to each student as a live “connection” to the office.

    Bright Ideas

  • spray paint a light bulb gold, screw into a jar of play dough and make a label around the jar naming who is receiving the “Bright Idea” award.

    Good Egg Award

  • buy plastic Easter Eggs, fill with goodies and give out with “Good Egg” certificates.
  • List what the student did to deserve this award.

    Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

  • Students love treats

    Snack Goodie Bag

  • Fill with small packs of crackers, cookies, candy and chips

    Healthy Meal

  • Crackers and Cheese, Spaghetti with Ready Made Sauce..


  • Fill a bowl or individual mini bowls daily, inexpensive yet tasty.


  • Have bowl of fresh fruit take out apples, plums, oranges etc.

    Gift cards

  • fast food, subway, pizza hut etc.

    Movie tickets

    Certificates of Appreciation

  • Make up certificates and have them framed. (you can find decent frames at the dollar store or office depot)

    Cyber Cards

  • Send your students a free Cyber Card stating your appreciation (see below).


    Pat on the Back

  • Draw an outline of your hand on a piece of paper. Photocopy enough copies for all students in your office. On each hand write a note that tells the student why they deserve a “Pat on the Back”.

    Use this week as an opportunity to start an award recognition program. Look around the office or at home for a white elephant item. Name the item for the award (Employee of the Month/Week, Great Idea Award, Gotcha Award

  • Catch someone in the act of doing something good) and then make the first presentation of it during Student Employment Week.

    Make a banner to hang for the whole week in your office.

    Decorate an office bulletin board or the office door for the week in recognition of your students.

    Invite to your home for dinner. There is nothing better than a home cooked meal for a student.

    Use YOUR imagination.... A simple THANK YOU for all you do will go a long way!



Additional ideas include:

    Throw a party! Could be: potluck lunch, pizza, ice cream, chip & dip, milk and cookies, dessert, breakfast, etc

    Take your students out to lunch

    Bring in cookies or other baked goods

    Give them a gift certificate to a local restaurant or the  Bookstore

    Write each student a personalized note of thanks

    Give flowers or balloons

    Make a coupon booklet. Include coupons for free sodas, a 15 minute-late-to-work pass, a dozen homemade baked goods, etc

    Buy them a gift with the University of Akron logo such as a sweatshirt, bumper sticker, etc

    Create certificates of appreciation

    Decorate your office

    Put together care packages

    Send a note of appreciation to the families of your student employees. Let them know

    what the student does, how their work impacts your department, etc


    Create a “Thank You” Poster/Card and have all the office staff sign it

    Surprise students with small tokens of appreciation such as candy, cookies, or a treat bag.

Here is a sample list of mementos with a message:
- Extra Gum - Thanks for going the extra mile!
- Mint - You are a breath of fresh air to our office!
- Smartie - To remind you of the expertise you share with others!
- Life Saver - Thanks for being a real life saver!
- Starburst - You're a star!
- Fireball - Thanks for keeping us fired up!
- Nestle Crunch - Thanks for your help at crunch time!
- Gold chocolate coins - Student employees are worth their weight in gold!
- Andes mints/peppermint patties - Your service is worth a mint to us!

    Have an In-Office Competition with prizes

  • best smile
  • best jokester
  • most detail-oriented
  • funkiest dresser


Let's show our student employees how much they are valued during National Student Employment Week.