Alpha Delta Pi - ADP

Chapter Name: Beta Tau

National Founding Location: Wesleyan Female College Macon, Georgia

National Founding Date: May 15, 1851

Local Founding Date: February 5, 1938

Nickname: ADPi

Symbol: Diamond

Colors: Azure Blue and White 

Motto: “We Live for Each Other”

National or Local Philanthropy: The Ronald McDonald House

GPA Requirement: 2.9 High School 2.6 Second Semester Freshmen 

Chapter House: 291 Spicer St. Akron, OH 44304

National Website:

Local Website:


Twitter: @ADPi_BetaTau

Instagram: @alphadeltapib

Chapter Presidents Name: Courtney Sveda

Chapter Presidents Email:



Chapter Bio:

Alpha Delta Pi was the first sorority founded by women for women on May 15th, 1851. Ever since, Alpha Delta Pi has been empowering women to strive for higher standards in education, friendship, philanthropic duties, service, and leadership to enrich lives not only for themselves but for the community.

Alpha Delta Pi believes that by following our motto, "We Live For Each Other," our lives will be enriched by true friendships and by unselfish service to mankind. By honoring our traditions and values which our founders set forth we are able to do so. We believe that a college education not only means striving for academic excellence but also creates a path for women to develop into courageous, passionate, and selfless leaders. Members of Alpha Delta Pi are able to grow positively and have sisterhood and friendship to guide them along the way.

The sisterhood of Alpha Delta Pi does not only exist throughout the duration of a member's college career, but is lifelong. The Alpha Delta Pi sisters at The University of Akron have a strong bond with the Alumnae members in the surrounding area. Every year we celebrate our founding and the over 75 years we have spent on The University of Akron's campus. Bringing together so many of our members truly exemplifies a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime.




Chapter Awards:


2011 The University of Akron Greek Leadership Awards-

  • Sorority Chapter Excellence- Praestantia (Gold)
  • Academic Programming
  • Alumni Outreach
  • Member Development
  • Recruitment Excellence
  • Recruitment Excellence
  • Public Relations
  • Overall Sports      


2012 The University of Akron Greek Leadership Awards-

  • Sorority Chapter Excellence- Praestantia (Gold)
  • Chapter Academic Excellence
  • Scholastic Achievement
  • Academic Programming
  • Member Development
  • Recruitment Excellence
  • Desiderata Philanthropic Excellence
  • Chapter President of the Year- (Haley Brown)


2013 Songfest Awards-

  • First Place Sorority
  • Best Choreography
  • Most Creative Sorority
  • Most Entertaining Sorority


The University of Akron Life Awards-
Creativity Award - this award is presented to one organization with outstanding programming! We felt extremely honored to be distinguished and were the only Greek chapter recognized.

Alpha Delta Pi International Awards-
            In 1995, we were honored at the biannual Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention with our first Maxine Blake Golden Lion Award.  The Maxine Blake Golden Lion Award is the highest honor a chapter may receive and is awarded each Convention to chapters that excel in all areas of chapter operations and programming for a minimum period of six years. We received the Maxine Blake Golden Lion Award once again in 2007, 2009, and 2011. In 2011 only 12 chapters out of 146 chapters received this award. We are hoping to receive it once again at Grand Convention 2013 this summer in Dallas, Texas. 

            In addition we were awarded with Achievement and Excellence awards given for programming in the areas of Alpha Education, Finance, Panhellenic, Membership Recruitment, Scholarship, and Total Membership Education. Chapter Performance awards include Diamond 4 Point, Achievement, Excellence, Stanard Leadership, and as stated above Maxine Blake Golden Lion. Performance awards build upon what a chapter has accomplished over a period of time.