How to Join the Fraternity & Sorority Life Community

At UA you get to decide which fraternity/sorority experience is right for you. The beginning of the fall semester is the main recruitment period for our fraternities and sororities with events like the Glow Party, Ice Cream Social and formal recruitment. Don’t worry, there are info sessions in a relaxed atmosphere so potential new members (non-affiliated students) can attend and ask questions. Our community offers:

IFC Fraternity Recruitment

PHC Sorority Recruitment

NPHC Recruitment (Intake)

IFC, NPHC and PHC are councils of elected leaders from their respective member groups who lead their communities and work together to create the ultimate fraternity and sorority life experience. 

We Asked Current Members:

“What are the top three reasons you remain affiliated?”

  1. To develop more personal relationships
  2. To gain leadership opportunities
  3. To participate in philanthropy and service

In spring 2015 the FSL community participated in the EBI/AFA Assessment. The above data reflects respondent’s answers.

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