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Do you consider yourself a scholar? Akron fraternities consistently out-perform the All-Men’s average of non-fraternity UA students. Do you want leadership experience in college? Fraternity men are elected to officer positions within their chapters and to the Interfraternity Council (the student-run governing body overseeing fraternities), and attend regional and national leadership conferences. Do you feel it is important to give back to your community by doing service work? Akron’s fraternities devoted over 8800 hours of community service last year and donated over $40,000 for philanthropic organizations! Do you hope to have the opportunity to network while at The University of Akron?  In a 2011/2012 survey conducted by the Educational Benchmarking Institute, UA fraternity men felt their fraternity experience enhanced their ability to establish potential networking relationships. That’s not surprising considering a man joining a fraternity joins a community with over 800 men and women already involved on campus, not to mention area alumni mentoring undergraduates while leading our chapters.

If you are committed to scholarship and want to use your leadership potential in service to others, we hope you will join us during fraternity recruitment so that you can build your own network with other campus leaders and area alumni.

Need more information about UA Fraternities? Check out our Fraternity Fact Sheet.

Feel free to join us for one of these open events and look for our Interfraternity Council team. Introduce yourself and ask questions. We hope to meet you soon!



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