The Department of Student Life - Leadership Programs is committed to offering the UA community diverse, engaging, and innovative leadership development opportunities to foster an environment where more confident, effective, and ethical leaders can grow.

General Program Information

The goal of our programs is to educate individuals about leadership as it relates to the development of self, understanding of others, and use in the various contexts that make up our day to day environments.

  • Our programs generally run between 1-2hrs and are hosted throughout each semester in the Student Union. These programs are free for all students, faculty, and staff to attend.

Leadership 101

Leadership 101 is an introductory seminar on leadership that provides a general understanding of leadership; which can vary in definition, meaning, and practice depending on who you ask.Participants who attend this seminar will:• Develop an understanding about leadership as it is defined, understood, and perceived• Learn about the differences between leadership and management• Understand the connection between power and influence as they relate to leadership• Discuss how they can become involved with leadership at The University of Akron

Values and Leadership

Identifying, understanding, and living your personal values are essential facets of leadership. Knowing your values and understanding the impact they have on your decisions and leadership style shapes the way you participate in groups/organizations. Value driven actions are themselves neither good nor bad, but when a group of individuals share values and judge others’ actions based on those collective values, they become the basis for determining if those actions were ethical. Understanding your values and how to align those values with groups will help you to effectively practice leadership in any organization.Participants who attend this session will:• Identify their personal values• Be able to articulate those values to others• Develop an understanding of group/organizational values• Learn about ethics and its centrality to leadership

Developing Team Cohesion

The Developing Team Cohesion seminar is designed to educate participants on building teams, developing a common purpose, understanding of why teams fail, and the life cycle of a team. This information is important because a group of individuals is not automatically a team. Understanding how to forge those groups into teams that have a common purpose and perform synergistically will allow your organization to operate at a higher level.Participants who attend this session will:• Learn how to establish a common purpose for a group/organization• Developing an understanding of why teams fail and how to engage in positive turbulence• Learn to identify the stages a group goes through while becoming a team• Experience those stages of team development• Practice identifying other’s strengths and placing them in roles that play to those strengths

Organizational Citizenship

Organizational Citizenship is the practice of discretionary behavior that promotes efficient and effective functioning of an organization. Organizations typically have few identified “leaders” amongst many “followers”. Organizational Citizenship explores how those “followers” and “leaders” can instead be a steward of leadership by becoming an organizational citizen. The information and techniques that are discussed and practiced can be applied to any organization that you are or will be a member of, helping you to be an effective leader when you are not in a defined leadership role.Participants who attend this session will:• Develop an understanding of organizational citizenship behaviors• Learn to embrace change and confusion so that it becomes a resource, rather than a barrier• Participate in team building activities that will challenge and support participants in the application of leadership skills

Women in Leadership

Being a woman called to leadership means facing a unique set of challenges. Despite having made tremendous progress, women still experience wage gaps, and are outnumbered by men in top executive positions 75% of the time. In this new, three-part series, we will explore ways in which women can capitalize on their unique strengths and issues of inequality, through videos, discussion, and interactive exercises.Participants who attend these sessions will:• Learn the importance of choosing your perspective• Learn practical skills such as dynamic public speaking and how to network• Connect and form relationships with fellow emerging women leaders• Develop an understanding of the importance of self-care• Learn the importance of confidently participating in your leadership role

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