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Marketing Your Student Organization!

As a registered student organization on campus, you have the opportunity to use the creative talent of the Department of Student Life’s graphic designers.  Those organizations interested in any of the following are encouraged to contact the Marketing Area for more information.

  • Submit a Marketing RequestLogos
  • Flyers/handbills
  • Posters
  • Imprint for giveaway items
  • Much, much more!

Click the button to the left to directly submit your marketing request. Visit the Student Life Marketing Department's web page here for more details.

All written communications and marketing from student organizations shall indicate their registration status with the University, by utilizing the following disclaimer.  Any organization failing to abide by the policy will be unable to market their event until the issue is resolved. Please simply copy and paste this disclaimer to any piece of marketing (affiliated with your organization) being handed out, hung up, or distributed on/off campus – do not alter this disclaimer.

Disclaimer:  This student organization is a registered student organization at The University of Akron. Registration shall not be construed as approval, endorsement, or sponsorship by The University of Akron of the student organization's publications, activities, purposes, actions, or positions.

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Market your Organization!

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