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Student Union Policies


Handbill Distribution

Upon approval by the Assistant Dean, the following are allowed to distribute handbills* in the Student Union:

  • Registered Student Organizations 
  • Campus Departments 
  • Non-profit Organizations 
  • Non-commercial Service Organizations** 
  • Sponsorships by student organizations or campus departments will be granted so long as the sponsor's name is visibly displayed.

Approval for handbill distribution does not necessarily mean endorsement by the Department of Student Life. Some handbills may be subject to a disclaimer at the discretion of the Assistant Dean.

The Department of Student Life reserves the right to turn away those distributing materials that do not promote student engagement and development through programs and services designed for student learning or advocate an inclusive, safe and supportive atmosphere for the campus community and guests.

The Department of Student Life is not responsible for handbills that are disposed of or removed.

You may not impede the flow of traffic by standing in entrances or walkways in order to distribute.

Space permitted, only registered student organizations, campus departments and co-sponsorships may place fifty (50) additional approved copies of the handbill at the Information and Game Room desks.

Handbills may be distributed in independent retail areas of the Student Union, subject to additional approval of the respective management (i.e. Barnes and Noble, Zee's).

The Assistant Dean has the right to waive this policy.


*The Department of Student Life classifies a handbill as a small printed sheet of paper bearing an announcement with the intent of hand distribution.

**The Department of Student Life recognizes non-commercial organizations as service-providing institutions (i.e. health services, tax preparation, tutoring, etc.) that do not participate in the trading of goods or commerce.


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