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Kiosk Signage Process and Policy

  1. All persons who want to hang up or hand out information in the Student Union must come to the Information Center and get them approved by the Student Manager.
    1. If they are a student organization they must get their signs approved by the Student Manager or Jennifer Venuto. (All *Registered Student Organizations MUST have the Student Org Disclaimer on everything)
    2. The only information posted in the Student Union is for events, activities or any relevant information to The University of Akron.
    3. All materials handed out or posted must refrain from vulgar language and pictures and must include the department name, or the organizations disclaimer.
  2. The kiosk signs are stored in the far left lower drawer under the TV at the information center
    1. When new signage comes in, alert the Student Manager or Jennifer Venuto for approval.
    2. Once approved, the sign will be grouped appropriately in the drawer by the Student Manager and logged into the Kiosk Calendar on GoogleDocs.
  3. Procedures for hanging Kiosk signs.
    1. Kiosk runs are done every Monday and Thursday morning.
    2. Check the Kiosk Calendar in GoogleDocs to find out which signs go up and come down for that day. All signs will be stored and grouped by what day they go up in the top middle drawer under the TV.
    3. Note which signs must come down before starting the Kiosk run.
    4. At least 1 of each sign should be displayed on all 3 floors.
    5. When taking signs down, make sure that they do not have to go back up on a later date.
    6. Discard old signs after they are taken down, unless going up at a later date, and discard extra signs that have just been put up.

Assistant Dean or designee has the right to waive this policy.

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