Student Union

Student Union Policies

Posting of Materials/Banners

General Posting Procedures:

  • Banners will be removed by the Department of Student Life after the date of event. Banners may hang for no longer than 10 calendar days. Banners will be discarded if not picked up within 24 hours of the end of the event.
  • Banners must include the name of the organization or department sponsoring the event.
  • Banners are limited to 40 inches wide x 90 inches long.
  • The Department of Student Life reserves the right to determine acceptability of banners based on content and/or quality.
  • Posting on any finished wall surfaces and interior or exterior glass is prohibited, with the acceptation of special permission given by the Department of Student Life Director or designee.
  • The SOuRCe (located on the first floor of the Student Union) accepts two postings or flyers: 
    • One for the SOuRCe tack board, which is updated daily 
    • One for the Directions and connections board, which is updated daily
  • Approved material will be posted based on availability in this order: 
    • 1. Student Organizations (must have disclaimer on material) 
    • 2. Departments 
    • 3. Non-profit.

Assistant Dean or designee has the right to waive this policy.

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