Student Union Policies

Rental Rates

Any Registered Student Organization may reserve a meeting room free of rental and labor charges. The only exception is the Game Room. Rental rates apply to this room see: Student Organization Rental Rates.

Any academic/administrative department may reserve meeting rooms free of rental or labor charge except Student Union Grand Ballroom, Ballroom A, Ballroom B, Ballroom C, Ballroom D, Ballroom E and the Game Room. (See rental rates for University departments.) A facility rental and labor fee applies to all Non-University groups. (See Non-University rental rates.)

Any Non-University group or organization may reserve Student Union facilities if available (with exception of concourse tables), and will be charged the current Non-University rates.

Click here to review definitions for users of the Student Union facility.

All University groups or organizations are responsible for any charges such as, but not limited to, damages, food service and security. Outsource charges may be incurred based on USER requests and needs.

Unless a special set-up for the facility has been requested, the group reserves the facility in its "as is" set-up. Should the facility be left damaged or altered in any way, the organization whose name appears on the confirmation will be charged the incurred damage/cleaning fee.

In the event that a confirmed request for space is no longer needed by the user, it is the responsibility of the USER to cancel the request within seven (7) days of the event. Any request for space cancelled less than six days prior to the event or no show will result in the USER being charged a cancellation fee. (See General Reservation and Use of Facility policy.)

The established list of facility rental rates for both University and non-University groups is available on the Department of Student Life Web page and is available in printed form in the Administration Office. This list is reviewed on a periodic basis and is subject to change without notice on approval of the Board of Trustees.

Assistant Dean or designee reserves the right to waive normal procedures.

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