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Fire Protection Technology

Fire Protection Technology Fundamentals

Fire protection specialists are skilled in the latest techniques in fire control, prevention and property protection. 

The University of Akron offers the only fire protection technology program in Ohio accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress.

  • Comprehensive curriculum covers:
    • building and design concepts
    • specialized hazards
    • detection and protection of systems
    • effective training and utilization of human resources
    • fire prevention
    • how to conduct thorough fire investigations
    • storage methods, transportation and handling of hazardous materials
    • supervisory responsibilities
    • legal rights, duties, liabilities and responsibilities of fire protection agencies

Our Faculty

  • are innovative and interactive
  • use multimedia technology to enhance classroom learning

Akron Advantage

Real-world Experience

You are encouraged to participate in a full-time, 15-week internship with a cooperating fire department or other fire protection agency. You will gain firsthand, on-the-job training in the field and earn elective credits upon successful completion of the program.

Fire Protection Technology Student Organization

Interact with other fire protection technology students and professionals in the field through organizations such as: 

  • Fire Protection Society 

Curriculum Guide

Career Opportunities

Degrees and Preparation

A degree in fire protection technology opens the door to a wide range of career opportunities in municipal, industrial, state, federal and private fire protection agencies.

  • The program also provides instruction for in-service firefighters preparing for career advancement.

Career Outlook

Fire fighting continues to be a sought-after career choice for many men and women, and opportunities continue to perform this essential public service continue to grow.

Career Center

The Career Center creates links among students, alumni and local professionals. You will have access to:

  • Career Resource Library
  • co-op/internships through Career Advantage Network
  • computer stations for resume writing and employment research
  • UA Career Fairs

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