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The mission of the Department of Telecommunications at The University of Akron is to support the educational, research, and outreach initiatives of the University by provisioning and managing telecommunications voice and video services and the development, design, and installation of the communications infrastructure for the benefit of the students, faculty, staff and visitors.

  • Department of Telecommunications: 330-972-5757

  • Telephone Repair: 330-972-8053


Director: Kathie Ruther (330-972-7420)


In support of this mission, the Department of Telecommunications will:

  • Evaluate, develop, and maintain the University's electronic communications infrastructure, supporting data, voice, and video connections including direct support of campus distance learning initiatives.
  • Provide and maintain the campus telephone system and all related services, including: long distance, dial-in access, voice mail, paging, cellular, 800#, calling card, directory assistance, and call center (ACD) applications.
  • Facilitate the effective development, coordination, and delivery of other communications products and services across the campus.
  • Operating as a self funding auxiliary division, create and implement rational funding models for telecommunications initiatives and services.
  • Provide engineering, design services, and coordination for large scale capital projects.
  • Provide outreach support for off campus sites requiring voice and data connectivity.


Voice Services


Communications Equipment and Services

  • Paging Services
  • Cellular Phone Service
  • Calling Cards
  • Faxing


Cable TV Services

  • ZIP-TV
  • ZipFlicks Movie Channel
  • Residence Life Cinema Channel


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