An easy-to-read screen

Allowing you to view:

  • call appearance/feature button labels
  • call log
  • speed dial lists
  • call identifier information

A customizable interface

Allowing you to:

  • create speed dial lists
  • select the ring pattern
  • customize the call appearance/feature button labels

2420 Reference Guide


 7406 Plus



  • 2 way speaker phone for conferencing and listening
  • 5 call appearance buttons
  • 8 buttons for transfer, drop, hold conference, etc.
  • A Message waiting light
  • Controlled volume, mute, and personalized ringing
  • 18 programmable feature buttons





  • Speakerphone
  • 8 feature buttons, such as transfer, conference, drop, hold, etc.
  • 10 call appearance buttons
  • 22 programmable feature buttons without LED's
  • 9 with LED's
  • A jack for an additional speakerphone or headset





  • Feature buttons include, transfer, hold, conference, drop and select ring
  • Speed dialing, call forwarding and privacy
  • Speakerphone
  • Jack for additional speakerphone or headset




  • 6 call Appearance/Feature Buttons
  • 15 Exclusive Feature Buttons
  • 2-Line Display
  • 2 Headset Jacks
  • Other buttons include: Drop/Test, Conference/Ring, Hold, Transfer, Release, Log in, Mute, Volume Control



AWH55 Cordless Headset


  • Hands-free convenience
  • Long-range mobility with out of range warning
  • Remotely receive ring alert and answer call
  • Multiple ear loops and headbands for customized wearing
  • Adjustable Listen/Speak volume and Mute Button
  • Rechargeable Headset and Low Battery Warning


Conference Phones



  • Integrated keypad with mute, and flash to access features such as Hold, Transfer, and Conference
  • 360-degree room coverage
  • Dual-color LEDs to indicate on or mute status