Recording Holiday Hours and Emergency Closing in EmpCenter

Emergency Closure  Job aid
Official University Holidays   Job aid 
Extra Paid Days Off (Christmas - New Year's)   Job aid 
Veteran's Day for Exempt (Salary) Employees  Job Aid
Request Additional 5 Days Off for Non-Bargaining employees Job Aid

EmpCenter for Mobile

EmpCenter Mobile for Employees   Job Aid 
EmpCenter Mobile for Managers   Job Aid

EmpCenter Training by Policy Group

Curious as to how the new EmpCenter will affect you?  Take a look at the overview "How Will EmpCenter Affect Me?" for details.

To find online courses, job aids and tutorials, select the link for your policy group.  If you are unsure of your employee policy group, refer to the Determine Your Policy Group job aid for assistance.

(SBU) Employees
CWA Union
Full-time Contract Professional
Full-Time Faculty
Full-Time Exempt Staff
Full-Time Non-Exempt Staff

Graduate Assistant
Part-time Contract Professional
Part-Time Faculty
Part-Time Classified/Unclassified Exempt Staff
Part-Time Classified/Unclassified Non-Exempt Staff
Students - Hourly

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