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Important Notes:  
  • Part-time Faculty teaching four credits or less do NOT need to record their time in EmpCenter. 
  • If an employee has both a full-time and part-time position (i.e. full-time contract professional and part-time faculty), the employee does NOT need to report their time for the part-time position.
  • Part-time faculty teaching more than four hours are required to report their time in the system for all hours worked on teaching, classroom preparation, grading and advising. Exclude any time on activities considered voluntary, such as faculty meetings and service activities.

Online Course

Part-Time Faculty

 Online Course 

Time Entry/Time Sheets

Enter Total Time Worked   Job Aid Tutorial
Manually Record Time  Job Aid
Submit a Time Sheet  Job Aid  Tutorial
Print a Time Sheet  Job Aid

Time Off/Leave Requests

Request Time Off   Job Aid   Tutorial 
Request Time Off - Intermittent Leave   Job Aid  Tutorial
Cancel Time Off Request   Tutorial

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