Financing Your Education

Types of Aid 


Grants are a form of aid based only on financial need and, except under extremely limited conditions, do not have to be repaid. The primary federal grants are the Pell Grant and the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG). State grants include the Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) and the TEACH Grant. Learn more.


Unlike other types of financial aid, loans must be repaid. Some are awarded based on need and others are not. Need-based loans include the Federal Perkins Loan, Nursing Student Loan and Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan. Learn more.


UA offers thousands of scholarships and awards more than $17 million each year in scholarship aid. With the largest endowment of any public university in northern Ohio, UA is able to give many talented students the chance to study. New freshmen students who meet the academic criteria for more than one university scholarship may be eligible to receive up to $10,000 annually in combined university scholarships. Learn more.

Student Employment

Employment opportunities are available on and off campus for eligible students. UA offers several student employment programs including the Regular Student Assistant Program, the Job Location and Development Program, and the Federal Work Study Program. Learn more.

Installment Payment Plan (IPP)

The Installment Payment Plan allows students to pay their tuition and fees in installments over the course of the semester. To enroll, a student should complete the IPP application and submit a fee and down payment.
Learn more about the Installment Payment Plan and other payment options

Programs for Non-Ohio Residents

The Akron Advantage Award Program offers scholarship awards for qualified non-Ohio residents. The Akron Advantage Blue and Gold Awards are applied toward the out-of-state tuition charges. Learn more.

Determining Your Need

Learn more about determining your financial aid need.