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Thank you for your interest in shared-governance at The University of Akron.

The University Council is a representative body, founded on the principles of shared-governance, that makes recommendations to the President on long-range planning and informs decisions on other substantive matters that affect the well-being and common interests of the university community.

Here you will find information on the guiding principles of the University Council, representation across the university and the business that UC conducts.

University Representation

UC Business

Request UC to examine a long-range planning topic or other substantive matter by submitting a topic.

Guiding Principles

Steering Committee

Mike Sherman, Ex Officio
Stacey Moore, Chair
Harvey L. Sterns, Vice-Chair
Suzanne Testerman, Secretary
Turner Anderson, USG Rep
Kristin Koskey, Faculty Senate Rep
Diane Raybuck, CPAC Rep
Kathie Ruther, SEAC Rep
Ian Schwarber, GSG Rep

The University of Akron

Akron, OH 44325
Phone: 330-972-7111
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