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Monday, January 11, 2010 

Just before Thanksgiving 2009, Senators Steve Sedlock, Carla Pizzino, and Thomas Huth got to work on a project Business students and others who use the concourse have been frustrated about for some time. 

All three being business majors know what it's like in the concourse on a normal day. One of the biggest problems being the lack of power outlets. Students sit at the picnic tables with laptops working on homework and group projects, but often find themselves leaving or stop working because of drained batteries. 

And it was time something be done about it!  During a meeting with Mr. Ted Curtis, Vice President for Capital Planning & Facilities Management, we brought this and other issues to his attention.  Before the end of the meeting, Mr. Curtis committed to having power outlets installed ASAP.

To all of our surprises, when entering the concourse the first day of the Spring 2010 Semester, we were amazed to see the outlets installed and functioning.

This is some of what ASG is doing for you.

And there is much more to come.

The Buckingham Building is going to be demolished in about a year to make space for a new Law School.  With this happening, we asked if the concourse was scheduled to be renovated.  Answer: No.  After speaking with the Dean of the College of Business, we were informed that he and the Law School Dean have discussed raising funds and splitting the cost of renovation.

ASG is preparing a survey to get feedback for a possible concourse renovation!  We have been asked to prepare this survey to see what you think about the concourse and what you would like to see done.

Please keep an eye out for more information about the survey in Zipmail.


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