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Audition and Portfolio Review Information

Mary Schiller Myers School of Art — 330-972-6030

Portfolio Review: Nov. 19, 2011

School of Dance, Theatre, and Arts Administration — 330-972-7948

Dance Program Placement Audition Dates: Nov. 19, 2011, and March 31, 2012

School of Music — 330-972-7590

School of Music Scholarship Audition Dates: Dec. 2, 2011, Jan. 28 and Feb. 11, 2012

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Apply for Financial Aid – Grants, Loans and Work-study

To apply for most state and federal financial aid programs, you must complete a FAFSA form. A FAFSA should be completed and filed by March 1. You are encouraged to file online at The Title IV code for The University of Akron is 003123. Visit

Deadline – Students admitted prior to March 1 will be considered for all available scholarships

New freshmen will be awarded scholarships based primarily on high school academic records and ACT/SAT test scores on file with the Office of Admissions. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 1-800-621-3847, 330-972-7032 or Visit

2011-2012 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

For the most current information on tuition and fees, please visit

Tuition and Fees (per academic year)

Tuition is based on a full-time undergraduate course load of 12 to 16 credits per semester.

Full-time Tuition and Fees
Ohio Resident $9,244.56
Nonresident Surcharge See explanation below
Transportation $300.00
Books and Supplies (estimate) $900.00
Summit College Full-time Tuition and Fees
(Associate degree only)
Ohio Resident $7,633.20

Nonresident Surcharge See explanation below

PLEASE NOTE: All tuition, fees and estimates are subject to change.

Nonresident Surcharge Information

The surcharge for nonresident students is $330.15 per credit hour. For nonresident students in Summit College, the surcharge is $311.54 per credit hour.

Akron Advantage Award Program

Out-of-state Scholarship

UA offers a tuition adjustment in the nonresident surcharge for academically qualified new freshmen.


Housing Fee Schedule (per academic year)

Gallucci and Grant
Double occupancy $5,830.00
Bulger, Orr, Ritchie, Sisler-McFawn, Spanton
Double occupancy $6,122.00
Townhouses and Quaker Square
Multiple units $6,432.00
Honors Complex, Exchange Street and Spicer Hall
Double occupancy $6,852.00
Exchange Street Apartments
Multiple units $8,864.00
Meal Plan Options
Traditional Meal Plan Fees
19-Meal Plan $3,464.00
15-Meal Plan $3,338.00
10-Meal Plan $2,972.00
Gold Dining Plan
Declining Gold Plan $3,964.00
Unlimited Dining Plan $3,698.00