Division of Student Affairs Awards

Award Categories

  • Outstanding Student Assistant
  • Outstanding Graduate Assistant
  • Celebration of Diversity
  • Zippy Customer Service Award
  • Rosemary Pitts Outstanding Support Staff Award
  • Donfred H. Gardner Outstanding Professional
  • Faculty Student Development Award

Nomination Process

-Employees within a unit may self-nominate or nominate a colleague for any of the above award categories.

-Nominations must be submitted to Kris Nakoneczny by Friday, May 31, 2013 at 4:00 pm.

-Nominations must consist of the following fields:

  • Name of the nominee
  • Award being nominated for
  • Three brief bullet points justifying why nominee should receive award.

Description of Awards

Donfred H. Gardner Outstanding Student Affairs Professional Award

In 1937, Donfred H. Gardner, a University of Akron Student Affairs advocate, leader, educator, and a member of the American Council of Education, contributed to the development of a guide for our profession entitled "The Student Personnel Point of View." In honor of the lasting effects of his efforts, the Donfred H. Gardner Outstanding Student Affairs Professional Award was created so that an individual who has demonstrated activities which promote "The Student Personnel Point of View" could be recognized and honored by Student Affairs. The recipient of this award will be recognized for his/her professional contributions, dedication to students, and commitment to The University of Akron.

Nominations are being solicited for members of our profession who meet the following criteria:

  • At least ten years of service to Student Affairs (this may include any employee at any level)
  • Significant and outstanding contributions to the University that advance the profession of Student Affairs
  • An ongoing commitment to his/her profession

Rosemary Pitts Award for Outstanding Administrative Support Staff

In her long tenure as an administrative support staff member at the University, Rosemary Pitts was known for her involvement with and compassion for others, particularly students. She contributed her outstanding service with an extreme commitment to the University and with flair of enthusiasm and optimism. It is altogether fitting that Student Affairs seeks to recognize a support staff member who has rendered outstanding service to the University by this award named in her honor.

Nominations are being solicited for a member of the administrative support staff who meets the following criteria:

  • At least three years of service to Student Affairs
  • Superior performance
  • Exemplary service to Student Affairs
  • Excellent attitude and concern toward students and colleagues

Celebration of Diversity Award

The Celebration of Diversity Award is presented to an individual, and/or department that have successfully developed innovative or creative programs, events, and/or services that promote multicultural understanding, cultural diversity issues, in Student Affairs and/or higher education.

 Zippy Customer Service Award

The purpose of the Zippy Customer Service Award is to recognize a Student Affairs employee(s) who are either working individually, or are participating on employee teams, and are delivering “CONSISTENT” outstanding service that has exceeded the expectations of providing the highest level of respectful, courteous and quality service to students, faculty and staff; also demonstrating creativity or resourcefulness in assisting customers and developing new, efficient ways to solve customer service issues.

The recipient or department/team of the award may showcase exceptional performance, innovation, or exemplary actions that may result in quality service to customers, stakeholders, and/or partners at The University of Akron. This may include factors such as:

  • Developing and implementing innovative systems, procedures, or techniques that reduce costs, eliminate paperwork, enhance efficiency, and/or contribute significantly to quality service to customers.
  • Went "above and beyond" normal job requirements to deliver noteworthy or exceptional service.
  • Considered the impact on the customer when taking action, setting practice/policies, or carrying out job tasks.
  • Provided creative approaches to improve services or programs.
  • Demonstrated consistently high quality in handling requests.
  • Demonstrated exceptional follow-up to ensure customer needs were met.
  • Worked to remove barriers to provide excellent customer service.
  • Asked questions of customer to assess satisfaction with the service or program provided.
  • Provided means to satisfactorily address customer concerns or complaints.
  • Made information, services, and/or complaint systems easily accessible.

Outstanding Service Awards

The outstanding service awards will be awarded to one person in each of the following categories: 

  • Outstanding Graduate Assistant
  • Outstanding Student Assistant

 These awards were created to recognize outstanding employees who assist the division in providing exemplary service.  The division wishes to acknowledge those people who make unique contributions to the division by providing a superior quality of work, reliability, and professionalism.  The recipients of these awards will be recognized for their service, dedication, and commitment to their departments.

Faculty Student Development Award

 The Student Development Award for Faculty/Staff is an award that is designed to recognize Faculty/Staff outside of Student Affairs who have developed programs or procedures that have assisted in the development and increased success of our student population, and/or who has shown superb concern and care for students or used engagement in their daily interactions.  The values associated with this award should reflect the Design Principles that The University of Akron is built upon.  Those principles are Leadership, Engagement, Innovation, Inclusive Excellence, and Assessment.


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