Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs travel policy

The Division of Student Affairs  has a strong focus on Professional Development and Involvement for all of its employees.

In order to promote this focus, all employees are encouraged to be involved in professional societies. This involvement provides our employees with opportunities to network and gain expertise and knowledge that enhance employee professional development.

In order to ensure that our travel funds are being used in an effective manner, all employee travel requests, excluding those that involve local travel and/or less than $100 total cost, are reviewed by the Vice President's office before travel is authorized.

Travel requests are prioritized based on the following:

• The employee holds a leadership position within the professional organization.
• The employee is presenting at the conference.
• The employee has a need for a specific training or information in a given area that cannot be obtained at the University.
• The employee is a participant in the conference planning committee/staff.

Get the Travel Authorization form

See an example of a completed Travel Authorization Form with documentation.

Download the Travel Authorization form.

Get more details about University travel rules

For general University rules regarding travel, see information on the Controller's Web site or on the University General Council's rules Web site.


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