Environmental balance includes choosing lifestyle practices, both personally, and as a society, which are respectful of the environment.

  • Work with your community to make improvements.
  • Getting involved in recycling, and conserving water and energy.
  • Walk or bike to your destination.

The University of Akron Resources

UA Recycling
The University of Akron's list of all items that you can recycle on campus.  Contact info is also listed for any questions.

Geology and Environmental Science Degree Program
We are a recognized leader in earth science educational research. In our program, you will have access to modern instrumentation for geologic and environmental research. This includes an environmental scanning electron microscope, environmental magnetism laboratory, and a full suite of instruments for aqueous geochemistry.

The University of Akron Biking Initiative
There is a new initiative at The University of Akron to encourage students to ride their bikes. The University of Akron has been working with the City of Akron in an effort to make biking on and around the university campus more friendly.

Community/ National Resources

Environmental Protection Agency – Climate Change
This site provides over 25 easy steps you can take to not only reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduce air pollution, increase the nation's energy independence and save money.

Akron Country Side Farmers’ Market
Since 1999, the Countryside Conservancy has supported community-based food systems throughout Northeast Ohio. This unique non-profit organization helps re-establish farms in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and runs farmers' markets in the greater Akron area.