Spiritual balance involves searching to create a personal sense of life's meaning, purpose, and direction through everyday experiences.

Each person expresses their spirituality differently depending on their values, ethics, morals, and beliefs.

  • Do I make time for relaxation in my day?
  • Do I make time for meditation and/or prayer?
  • Do my values guide my decisions and actions?
  • Am I accepting of the views of others?

The University of Akron Resources

The University of Akron Counseling Center Stress Reduction
Attending a university can be stressful, given all that you may have to deal with on any given day. At the Counseling & Testing Center, we have programs to help you deal with stress.

The University of Akron Spiritual Student Groups
UA Student Organizations that help with Spiritual Wellness.

The University of Akron Department of Philosophy
"In a philosophy class we don’t just memorize facts or study famous theories, but rather learn to think critically by examining our own beliefs and assumptions. Philosophy asks the big questions: who and what are we, why are we here, is there a god, what makes life meaningful, what is the difference between right and wrong? Even if we can’t find definite answers to all these questions, the search itself is rewarding."

Community/ National Resources

The Ripples Project
Explore the extraordinary power of tiny actions.

Belief Net
Inspiration, spirituality and faith for everyone.

Free Akron Yoga
Bring yoga to the people--without cost, without unnecessary expectations or obligations. Our goal is to grow a yoga collective, and to spread peace through a group experience. You bring your mat and your love and your practice, we provide a sacred space and a little bit of facilitation. No agenda. Just good, free yoga.