Online registration, payment and completed form upload by 2/10/2017, else a late fee will be required.
None accepted after 2/17/2017.

To register for Akron District 5's competition, several Akron forms are required, in addition to all forms that are required for competition at the state level at Ohio State. All forms must be uploaded to Akron District 5's STEMWizard. Please fill out forms electronically, print, sign and complete check-marks and dates, and scan all forms for upload. Please save versions (electronic and paper) in case changes are needed. Those qualifying for State will have their forms Promoted to the state STEMWizard, which will make registering for state MUCH easier! We suggest that local competitions require the completion of these forms, so that students qualifying for the district competition are already ready to scan and upload accurate, complete forms.

Standard Forms "SMART" Packets - These smart-fields pdf files combine required forms UA1 through 1B:

NOTE: You must use the Adobe Acrobat Application to utilize these smart form packets. Browser plug-in versions of Adobe Acrobat may not work properly. Individual forms are located further below for those that cannot utilize the "smart" form packets here.

The fields in the above forms are "smart", so type your name in once, and your name will flow to all other forms. Same with your Teacher's name and all other fields.

Packets DO NOT contain:

  • Space for your abstract (that gets entered directly into STEMWizard)
  • Forms 1C through 7, which may also be required, if applicable

WARNING: Because the fields are smart, if you "extract" a page to a new pdf file, you may lose information on the extracted form.

Please keep your form-packet as one pdf file until you are ready to print and sign. And as always please check your work.

We may add some more smart-packets, please check back.



May be Required, if applicable to your project:

Use this form wizard to help confirm which additional forms you may need. Please read the pop-up boxes carefully! When you finish answering all of the form wizard questions, you can upload the new URL into STEMWizard, and STEMWizard will record the results! (The URL is at the top of the screen and will look something like this: