ISEF has NEW FORMS, including a Fillable-All-Forms master file, here:

Please read the 2nd title line of EVERY form (look in the title 'bubble') - it explains:

  • if you need one form per STUDENT or one form per PROJECT
  • when the form is filled out (before or after experimentation)
  • it may also provide other very important information

Please remember most forms and many parts of the Research Plan should be completed BEFORE experimentation starts. Doing the forms at the proper time keeps you and others safe, and will help organize your work, protecting you from mistakes and re-work.

Use the "What forms do I really need" wizard. (Search for "ISEF Forms Wizard" on your internet browser)

The Research Plan is part of the form 1A. We expect STEMWizard will treat the research plan as a separately uploaded "form" this year.

Please check back for new UA/District 5 specific forms. We will be changing our (non-ISEF) forms too.

ISEF announced NEW CATEGORIES, here:

District 5 Science Day will follow Ohio State Science Day's decision regarding whether to adopt some or all of the new categories. District 5 may combine some categories for judging and awards. More information will follow. Please check back. (For instance, for many years, Math and Computer Science were judged together at District 5.)