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The Women's Studies Program was established as a way for students to examine how women have influenced society. Through a wide variety of classes, Women's Studies encourages students to debate assumptions, explore divergent viewpoints, and investigate the social, economic, and cultural practices that have shaped the lives of women around the world.

With an emphasis on critical thinking, the program integrates intellectual scholarship and research to explore how women have been represented in literature, history, society, sociology, and the media. Women's Studies challenges and prepares students to appreciate a pluralistic world and discover the self-interested biases often found in society's most powerful institutions--family, church, academia, business, and government.

Women's Studies provides an environment of respect and tolerance, enabling students to find their own voices and the esteem necessary to articulate their own views. At the end of the semester, students have reported that Women's Studies classes can be "intense," "exciting," and "life-altering"--everything that education should be.

This program prepares students for careers in education, law, health, public administration, and social services, as well as management and leadership positions in business or government. Specialists in Women's Studies are increasingly being used as consultants in higher education, industry, insurance companies, and personnel firms for their training in understanding gender relations.

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Women's Studies Program
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