ZipStart to graduation this summer!

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University graduate

Our ZipStart program* means you can begin your classes this summer, zip ahead in your Akron Experience and graduate sooner!

Take one course for $500 or two courses for $1,000, and save money!

Program highlights

    • ZipStart offer is limited to undergraduate new freshmen (includes traditional students, adults, international students, high school students who previously participated in a dual enrollment or post-secondary enrollment option programs, and students at Brunswick (Midpoint), Lakewood, Medina (Medina County University Center), Millersburg (Holmes Campus), or Orrville (Wayne College)), who are enrolling at UA for the first time, are admitted for fall 2014, have paid the $145 confirmation fee and attended your Advising & Registration program by July 10. Formal class registration for ZipStart will happen during your new student advising and registration appointment. Other restrictions may apply. Transfer students new to Akron are also eligible.

      Confirm your enrollment at UA early as students who attend an Advising & Registration program after July 8 will not be eligible for ZipStart.

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How much money will you save?

For example, Ohio residents on main campus. . .

Take One Class

Standard Tuition and Fees
ZipStart Rate
You Save
1 Course, 3 credits
1 Course, 4 credits

Take Two Classes….

Two, 3-credit Courses (6 credits)
Two, 4-credit Courses (8 credits)

Out-of-state students will also save a great deal of money.

1 The ZipStart rate includes tuition, general service fee, facility fee, administration fee and transportation fee.

Get started! Sign up in three steps

► Step 1: Verify that you paid your confirmation fee

If you have paid your $145 confirmation fee to begin your undergraduate studies at UA this fall, proceed to Step 2. If you have not, pay your fee first, then return to this page and proceed to Step 2.

Confirm my enrollment

► Step 2: Browse the summer course catalog

Take a look at the online class search to find any general education classes that interest you. Write down the course numbers. You'll need these later.

Interested in online classes? Take this quick assessment to see if you've got what it takes to succeed!

► Step 3: Schedule at your advising and registration day

When you come to campus for your advising and registration day, not only will you register for fall 2014, but you'll also sign up for ZipStart classes at this time. Bring the list of course numbers you made in #2 above and your advisor will see what's available.

Other ways to save

If you are unable to take classes or are just looking for more ways to save, consider Credit by exam or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) testing.

*Pending approval from the Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, anticipated early June.