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31226 2020 121 301 English English composition focused on inventive writing, essay structure, process, consideration of strength, source of evidence, and citation; and development options leading to persuasion and argument. 6/9/14 8/3/14
31519 2020 222 301 Technical Report Writing Prerequisite: 121, 3300:111 or equivalent. Prepares student to write the types of reports most often required of technicians, engineers, and scientists. Includes types of reports, memoranda, and letters; techniques of research, documentation and oral presentations. 6/9/14 8/3/14
31520 2030 153 381 Technical Mathematics III Prerequisite: 152 or equivalent with a grade of C- or better, or placement test. Factoring, algebraic fractions, exponents and radicals, equations with radicals, equations in quadratic form, functions, their properties and graphs, exponential and logarithmic functions, radian measure. 6/9/14 8/3/14
33544 3350 100 411 Introduction to Geography Analysis of world patterns of population characteristics, economic activities, settlement features, landforms, climate as interrelated factors. 6/9/14 7/13/14
33076 3370 135 411 Geology of Energy Resources Topics include the origin of hydrocarbon and coal deposits, global distribution of energy resources, environmental impact of energy consumption. 6/9/14 7/13/14
30282 3600 170 301 Introduction to Logic Introduction to logic and critical thinking. Includes such topics as meaning, informal fallacies, propositional logic, predicate and syllogistic logic and nature of induction. 6/9/14 8/3/14