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Below are some links to assist you with all the university function that you need to access lists of classes, tutorials on using your MyAkron and Brightspace, Which is the universities online platform. 

For how to use your MyAkron click here.                                                                     robert (2)

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(You won't need to worry about the process to add the class. Adult Focus will add your classes for you). 

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Sixty-Plus Audit Registration Reminder

for Fall 2020 Semester

Good news! The 60+Audit Program IS being offered this fall 2020 semester.  However, due to The University of Akron’s adherence to CDC guidelines regarding the COVID19 pandemic, the registration process AND many class formats or delivery methods will be much different.   Please read below on the types of classes available and how to get registered for them.  

Courses this Fall will be offered many ways; in-person, hybrid (some in-person and some online components) and completely online. For a more complete description of each, please visit this UA web page.  https://www.uakron.edu/return-to-campus/classes#class  .  Classes are still being evaluated therefore delivery methods may change. All classes are subject to going online if the university decides the risk is too great.

Registration begins Thursday, August 13 and runs through Friday, August 21.

  1. All registration is by appointment using email, virtual (ZOOM, WEBEX etc.) or phone.
  2. There are no in-person appointments.
  3. Select your courses prior to your registration appointment. Please have at least one back up choice in case the class(es) you want is not available.
  4. You need to know how to use your MyAkron
  5. You must know how to use BrightSpace.
  6. Please visit the Adult Focus 60+ page for tutorials and forms. uakron.edu/60 Look for the Registration and Class Search Guide.
  7. You must have your own internet access at your home for all hybrid and online courses.
  8. If it has been longer than a year and a half since you have taken a class, you will need to complete a Return from Leave of Absence form to have your account reactivated in the system. This process can take a couple days so let us know when scheduling your appointment.
  9. All 60+ students have a hold that prevent registration or change of schedule by non-authorized individuals. This is for reporting reasons and is non-negotiable.

Ways to contact the office for an appointment:

      Email: adultfocus@uakron.edu

      Phone: 330-972-5793

All messages must contain a preferred method of contact. A student assistant will call or email and set up the appointment. Please be prepared.