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Tuition: Sample cost of attendance for students who live on campus

For students pursing a bachelor's degree. See a second table lower on this page for associate degree estimates.

 In stateOut of stateOut of state
For new under­graduates, starting summer 2018 *
Tuition & fees $11,186 $19,718 $15,500
Room & board $12,296 ** $12,296 ** $12,296 **
Books & supplies $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Transportation $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Personal $1,520 $1,520 $1,520
Cost of attendance $27,002 $35,534 $31,316

The table reflects estimated rates for two semesters, fall and spring. It is based on taking 16 credit hours per semester.

* The costs in this column are for new freshman and transfer students from out of state who begin in the summer of 2018 or later.

** The University offers a range of housing and dining options. The room and board charges are estimated using mid-range costs for housing and the 19-meal-per-week meal plan (board). The room and board charges you select will change your total cost of attendance. (See residence hall rates.)

See details about tuition and fees.

Non-resident surcharge is $1 per credit hour for students enrolled in online degrees and/or certificates (online courses only)

Updated September 2017

Physical Structure Inventory, All Buildings

Campus Number of Buildings Gross Square Feet Net Assignable Square Feet Percent of NASF to Gross Replacement Value ($ in thousands)
Main Campus 84 8,880,715 6,106,641 69% $2,392,111,323
Wayne Campus 4 166,382 98,412 59% $43,411,387

Source: HEI Facilities File Reporting, 2016

Fall 2016 Faculty and Staff Profile

Full-time Employees Univ Total Part-time Employees Univ Total
Teaching Faculty 765 PT Faculty Teach Credit 809
Administrative Faculty with Rank 33 PT Faculty Teach Noncredit 15 
Library Faculty with Rank 15 Total Part-time Faculty 824
Total Full-time Faculty 813 PT Staff 292
Contract Professionals 505 PT Administrators 17
Staff 739 Graduate Assistants 1,284
Total Full-time Employees 2,057 Total Part-time Employees 2,417

Source: HR Employee Summary November 1, 2016

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